What can they do? Heart rate monitoring, wireless data processing, voice guide, Lifeband compatible, touch activity tracker. What do they cost? $69.90 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review Interesting fitness device, but the sound quality is not overwhelming. Other Reviews Engadget  … Read More

What can it do? Pedometer, detects physical activity, smartphone app, telephone, weather tracking, phone finder What does it cost? $189 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A clever and handy combination of wrist wearable and hearable. Other Reviews Cnet Wareable  … Read More

What can they do? Measure heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake, provides voice guidance, compatible with iOS or Android for calculations (distance, time, calories burned), listen to music, make/receive calls, and share exercise results What do they cost? $13 -29.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A simple biometric monitor and earphone. Other Reviews Gizmodo… Read More

The Complete List of Herables as of October 2016

Hearables will offer two compelling use cases for office life: noise cancelling teleconferencing More and more people work in open space offices, in open space environments (think wework and coworking spaces) and  on the road or in coffee shops.  This raises the need for noise reduction or cancelling and it raises the need for capable… Read More

The Hearable Universe Update

There Hearable Universe lists 37 devices. Yet, only 17 of the devices are actually available today (4 of them being smart hearing aids). That leaves us with 13 actually available smart audio/hearing devices. These can be put into 3 categories: smart listening smart amplification smart monitoring Consult the infographic for a quick overview and as a buying… Read More