Apple AirPodsWhat can they do?

Hear music/sound and answer/make calls from iPhone 7 wirelessly with Bluetooth, Activate Siri.

What do they cost?


How can I buy them?

At the Apple Store and Apple retailers.


Well, I probably will have to add the AirPods to the Hearable Universe 2016. I am hesitant however – do they qualify as “smart”? Apple managed to give these wireless earbuds some semi-smart features: the main thing is, you can tap them to start Siri and they switch on, as soon as you put them into your ears. But it is kind of little in the face of the smart features others are offering.

Moreover, Apple has filed a patent for a “Sports Monitoring System for Headphones” and many have expected a new device that competes with Samsung’s Gear Icon and with Bragi’s Dash. Apple is still likely to make a big push into health/performance monitoring and measuring biometrics via earbuds but obviously we will just have to wait another year (or 2!?!). The AirPods look like the soft entry into the field of smart hearables.

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