I recently updated the software on my Bragi. And I am “Wow”!

The microphone performance has improved and I was finally able to make myself heard when receiving or making a telephone call.

Really impressive: the beta kinetic user interface. A tap on your cheek close to your ear lets you activate Siri.

You can now lock the Dash to avoid making unintended commands, e.g. by wearing a hat.

Better Bluetooth. It works much better having your phone in your left pocket and hear music. It could still be a little bit better, but the update is a welcome improvement.

Bragi deserves positive feedback because the futuristic gadget had functionality problems and there was a lot of negative reviews everywhere. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating device and Bragi deserves applause for constantly working on improving and updating the software. It’s like with an iPhone – after buying it, you get these updates which improve the device and bring new features.

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