The Hearable List 2017

At the start of the new year 2017 the world is 5 smart hearables richer. The Complete List of Hearables has been updated. New: The Jabra Elite Sport (long awaited, very similar to the Bragi Dash) The Skybuds (unfortunately they turned out not to be smart. They are simple wireless airbuds.) The Sony Xperia Ear (a personal assistant in… Read More

Bragi - The Dash breathing battery status

So far, there are 10 smart audio devices available (The Dash, Gear Icon X, Moto Hint, Soundhawk, CS50, SMS, Jabra Sport Pulse,  iRiver On, Huawai Talkband and LG HRM). The end of 2016 will probably find some 5 more devices and also the launch of Apple’s AirPods (which do not qualify as a smart listening… Read More

What can it do? Pedometer, detects physical activity, smartphone app, telephone, weather tracking, phone finder What does it cost? $189 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A clever and handy combination of wrist wearable and hearable. Other Reviews Cnet Wareable  … Read More

The Hearable Universe Update

There Hearable Universe lists 37 devices. Yet, only 17 of the devices are actually available today (4 of them being smart hearing aids). That leaves us with 13 actually available smart audio/hearing devices. These can be put into 3 categories: smart listening smart amplification smart monitoring Consult the infographic for a quick overview and as a buying… Read More

What can they do? Wireless, in-ear heart rate monitor, app integrated, water, shock, and dust resistant What do they cost? $165.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A simple heart rate monitor and earphone. By the end of 2016 Jabra will launch its Sports Elite wireless earplugs, which will be similar to the Bragi… Read More

SMS Audio Biosport

What can they do? Biometric earbud, sweat/water resistant, wire-powered, fitness app compatible. What do they cost? $29.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review The Biosport are simple headphones compatible with just one fitness app (Runkeeper). Their single smart feature is a biometric heart rate monitor. Other Reviews PCWorld… Read More

Hearables - Availability and Future Developments

  For main purpose, features, reviews and prices, please visit the updated Complete List of Hearables 2017. Find the available devices here: Bragi – The Dash Samsung Gear Icon X HUAWEI TalkBand B2 Motorola Moto Hint Soundhawk Sound World Solutions CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifier SMS Audio Biosport Jabra Sport Pulse Bose SoundSport Pulse… Read More

the hearable shop

The (h) will open mid 2017. It will carry smart earphones exclusively (no simple sports earbuds). To qualify as smart earphones, the devices will have to have at least one of the following: smart pairing, biometrics, access to smartphone and/or IPA, accompanying app with computing features. So far, only 10 devices in the The Hearable Universe are… Read More


What can it do? Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth Classic for Audio and BLE for sensorial information Bluetooth distance 10m Powerful microphone for phone calls Optional cable with microphone for use when battery is low or energy to be saved Charging Case 4GB storage Close fitting design with exchangeable fit sleeves Basic noise cancellation Ambient noise… Read More