hearables mid 2017 comprehensive list

What can you buy in stores or online? The list is longer than at the start of the year 2017: 7 more devices have come to market: The Hearable Availability List Mid 2017… Read More

wooden AuricleFit

AuricleFit is a patent-pending individual solution to keep earbuds in your ear. The customised little helper is made for your ears only! After a simple process of measuring your ear with your smartphone, the earpieces are made from biocompatible otometric (i.e. ear-suitable) material and sent to you everywhere in the world. Check it at http://www.AuricleFit.com.… Read More

The Hearable Universe mid year 2017

Click here to enlarge the updated universe. Well, some of the crowdfunded gadgets have been quietly made available… some others have been quiet for most of the last 6 months or more and some have completely disappeared quietly. Time to update the Hearable Universe to account for new availabilities and to weed out what will not… Read More

Sorry, but I do not understand the hype! I have checked several reviews on Doppler’s Here Ones and I simply do not agree. They finally landed in my mail and I have been using them for a week now. Let me compare them to the other cool devices currently on the market. Please check Usability Part… Read More

Bragi - The Dash breathing battery status

I recently updated the software on my Bragi. And I am “Wow”! The microphone performance has improved and I was finally able to make myself heard when receiving or making a telephone call. Really impressive: the beta kinetic user interface. A tap on your cheek close to your ear lets you activate Siri. You can… Read More


What can they do? Heart rate monitoring, wireless data processing, voice guide, Lifeband compatible, touch activity tracker. What do they cost? $69.90 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review Interesting fitness device, but the sound quality is not overwhelming. Other Reviews Engadget  … Read More

What can it do? Pedometer, detects physical activity, smartphone app, telephone, weather tracking, phone finder What does it cost? $189 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A clever and handy combination of wrist wearable and hearable. Other Reviews Cnet Wareable  … Read More

What can they do? Measure heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake, provides voice guidance, compatible with iOS or Android for calculations (distance, time, calories burned), listen to music, make/receive calls, and share exercise results What do they cost? $13 -29.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A simple biometric monitor and earphone. Other Reviews Gizmodo… Read More

What can they do? Wireless, in-ear heart rate monitor, app integrated, water, shock, and dust resistant What do they cost? $165.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review A simple heart rate monitor and earphone. By the end of 2016 Jabra will launch its Sports Elite wireless earplugs, which will be similar to the Bragi… Read More

SMS Audio Biosport

What can they do? Biometric earbud, sweat/water resistant, wire-powered, fitness app compatible. What do they cost? $29.00 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review The Biosport are simple headphones compatible with just one fitness app (Runkeeper). Their single smart feature is a biometric heart rate monitor. Other Reviews PCWorld… Read More