the hearable shop

The (h)earable shop

The (h) will open mid 2017. It will carry smart earphones exclusively (no simple sports earbuds). To qualify as smart earphones, the devices will have to have at least one of the following: smart pairing, biometrics, access to smartphone and/or IPA, accompanying app with computing features.

So far, only 10 devices in the The Hearable Universe are available, 2 of them only through their proprietary shop. To show the whole category universe, there is one non-smart earphone in the universe: Bose’s Sound Sport Headphones, because critics describe them as the best sports earphones.

Therefore: if the shop would be open today, there would be 9 products offered:

The 9 articles offered in the

The 9 articles offered in the (h)


There are about 20 devices in (mostly crowdfunded) development stages, 10 of them close to completion, so that we can expect to get about 5 more products from the Complete List of Hearables into the store: SkyBuds, Sony Xperia Ear, the HearOne from Doppler Labs, the Jabra Sports Elite and we hope for the QuietOn sleeping buds to make it.

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