At the start of the new year 2017 the world is 5 smart hearables richer. The Complete List of Hearables has been updated.

The Hearable List 2017

The Hearable List 2017


  • The Jabra Elite Sport (long awaited, very similar to the Bragi Dash)
  • The Skybuds (unfortunately they turned out not to be smart. They are simple wireless airbuds.)
  • The Sony Xperia Ear (a personal assistant in your ear)
  • Quiet On have obviously started shipment to their indiegogo backers exclusively.
  • The Halo Sport System – neuroscientific headphones for training improvements

The hearable universe 2017 has now 16 available devices. Here is what has been available in 2016 already:



Now what happened to all the other promised devices?

First of all Apple Airpods are delayed again with no target date. They will be available somewhere in the spring… (read article).


  • Preorders for the HereOne by Doppler Labs has been delayed from December 2016 to February 2016 for the first preorders.
  • ProSounds H2P and Kuaiwear Kuai have closed preorders but there is no information if or when they are being shipped.
  • Also still on pre-order are the Efit Aware, the Pilot, the IQBuds from Nuheara, Nura Headphones, Ear-o-smarts (renamed Joule), Freewavz, the Vi by Lifebeam and  Kanoa.
  • The Sound by has reduced information on their website. It looks as if the device will not be realised as announced.
  • And no information on availability from the Maven Co-Pilot, BitBite and the Parrot Zik Sport.

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