Hearables will offer two compelling use cases for office life:

  • noise cancelling
  • teleconferencing

More and more people work in open space offices, in open space environments (think wework and coworking spaces) and  on the road or in coffee shops.  This raises the need for noise reduction or cancelling and it raises the need for capable telephone features, not only for regular calls but also for telecons – telephone conferencing.

So far, none of the available hearables offers any solution (see The Hearable Universe or the The Hearable Listfor what is out there). Even though some could. Jabra offers a wired headset for conference calling but do not include any of the functionalities into their pending product – the Jabra Sports Elite. The only device that could address these functionalities, is the HereOne from Doppler Labs, due out late 2016. We will see if they do… (Just as I am writing this, WIRED published an exiting article on the HereOne by Brian Flaherty: Doppler’s Futuristic Earbuds Sound Great)

What would we like to see? Noise cancelling smart earpieces with a powerful microphone which connect (wireless) to your smartphone or computer and can be used to take part in a telecon while enjoying noise cancellation. This is the important point: the noise cancelling would prevent you from shouting into that telecon when the surrounding noise gives you the impression you have to shout. You would speak with a normal voice as if you were sitting in your private office and would behave like a normal person while on the phone or in a conference call.



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