Hearables and their Main Features

Most of today’s hearables fall in one of three classic categories: your ordinary earbuds for listening music and take phone calls, technically enhanced hearing aids and the new generation of heart rate monitors. Computing on your smart phone is a very new use for ear phones, which will open a range of new options on how to interact with your smart phone and IPAs (intelligent personal assistant) like Siri, Google Now, Alexa/Echo, Cortana, etc.

The next generation of smart hearing devices will offer combinations, e.g.performance measurement, noise/sound control and telephone access. One of these devices – the Bragi Dash – is already on the market. Some are still in a crowdfunded development stage. The next interesting device coming to the market will be the Here One by DopplerLabs, a sound augmentation device that will let you control and curate ambient sounds and music with a smartphone app that works like an equalizer.

And there is more to come. Think back at cell phones and their initial mix of features like telephone, messenger and camera which developed into the smartphone that can manage your entire life. Smart earphones will probably offer you a wide range of combinations between hearing, commanding your IPA, managing your phone and monitoring health and performance.

The only limiting factor is still size and power supply. Most new devices have a battery span of 3-4 hours. It is actually interesting why no one is offering a wired device that can therefore do it all…

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