The Hearable Universe Update

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There Hearable Universe lists 37 devices. Yet, only 17 of the devices are actually available today (4 of them being smart hearing aids). That leaves us with 13 actually available smart audio/hearing devices. These can be put into 3 categories:

  • smart listening
  • smart amplification
  • smart monitoring

Consult the infographic for a quick overview and as a buying guide on what suits your need. For more details on features, reviews and prices, please see The Hearable List.

The hearables you can buy right now are;

The Dash by Bragi – biometric wireless earbuds for training music and phone

Samsung Gear Icon X – wireless earbuds for training music and phone

Motorola Moto Hint – Bluetooth headset with smart features limited to Motorola phone pairing

SoundHawk – personal sound amplifier with Adroid, iOS compatibility

Soundworld Solutions CS50 wireless bluetooth sound amplifier

The Complete List of Herables as of October 2016

The Complete List of Herables as of October 2016

with Adroid, iOS compatibility

SMS Audio Biosport – in-ear activity tracker

Cosines One – in-ear multi-sport body tracker

Jabra Sport Pulse in-ear activity tracker

iRiver on – heart rate monitoring earbuds

Lumafit – interactive fitness coach

Huawai Talk Band B2 – fitness earpiece and watch

LG HRM – heart rate monitoring earbuds

Bose Sound Sport Pulse – wireless earphones

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