Here One Active Listening Hearable Device

What can it do?

Smart listening, noise filtering, reduction and curation, streamed music, wireless phone calls, amplify speech, access Siri and Google Now.

What does it cost?

$299.00 (expected retail price)

How can I buy it?

Preorder at – expected shipping end of 2016

Read more about it:

Doppler Labs is developing a noise curation device that will be launched late 2016, just right for the Holiday season. Through two smart buds and a connected app, Here One promises to redefine the way we engage with sound through technology.

With two wirel
ess smart buds and a connected app, Here One combines the functionality of conventional headphones—streamed music and wireless phone calls—with proprietary smart listening and noise filtering technologies. Whether it’s reducing noise (say, a crying baby), amplifying speech, accessing Siri or Google Now, streaming music, taking phone calls, or layering digital audio over real-world sound (stream Spotify on a run safely aware of what’s around you), Here One promises to do it all. The user will be able to selectively cancel or amplify particular sounds. Whereas the previous project – Here Active Listening – removed entire frequency ranges, Here One introduces Doppler Labs’ proprietary “adaptive filters,” which identify and target sounds—such as human speech, sirens, a crying baby, a jet engine, and more—so you can suppress or amplify those sounds exactly to your liking. Plus, you can still find the original EQ, volume, sound effects, and “tune in” presets from Here Active Listening.

After years of development you can pre-order Here One for $299 at (U.S. only, with international availability coming soon). Here One will start shipping and be available for purchase at retail November 2016.

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