Phea - The Perfect Hearable

Phea is the perfect hearable
(p for perfect, hea for hearable).
Watch the Phea Animation.

What can it do?

  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth Classic for Audio and BLE for sensorial information
  • Bluetooth distance 10m
  • Powerful microphone for phone calls
  • Optional cable with microphone for use when battery is low or energy to be saved
  • Charging Case
  • 4GB storage
  • Close fitting design with exchangeable fit sleeves
  • Basic noise cancellation
  • Ambient noise transparency on/of
  • Waterproof up to 1m
  • Optical Touch Control for tapping and swiping
  • Listen to audio from connected smartphone or other Bluetooth device (music, app audio, telephone calls, IPAs)
  • IPA Connectivity (operate individual personal assistant – Siri, Google Now, etc.)
  • Fitness/Performance/Health Tracking for Running, Cycling and Swimming(biometric heart rate measuring, step and cadence measuring)
  • App to record distance/speed, to calculate pace/averages and to store performance data
  • App Shop for add-ons, music, fitness features (training), audio books, podcasts, future opportunities (e.g. translation app)

What does it cost?

Probably around $400.00

Where can I buy it?

Unfortunately nowhere – it’s a vision…


This device is actually not science fiction. Most of the features are already reality in several earphones and headphones. The features are taken from the Bragi Dash, Samsung Gear Icon X and Sony MDR-1000x and combined to create a device that would be worth waiting for. The app feature is new but not challenging at all. The Dash and Gear Icon X have both 4GB of storage that you can use like an USB stick. It would not be challenging to download software and content from a dedicated app store. The price would probably be high, but so is the price of Bragi, Samsung and the projected price tags of several of the crowdfunded products.

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