Samsung Gear Icon X

Samsung Gear Icon X

What can they do?

Measure speed, distance, duration, heart rate, calories burnt, dedicated voice guide, sound/music, 4GB memory, Android app, Compatible only with devices that run Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

What do they cost?

$259.00 or less

How can I buy them?

Shop online –>  


I had a chance to try them at IFA Consumer Electronics Show. The features are the same as in The Dash or the upcoming Jabra Elite, but seem a little more reliable, maybe because they run only on Android systems. Noise cancellation is not included, but when they fit nicely and you listen to music, you somehow are blocking out the outside world. To let it back in you can activate an ambient noise feature.

My main concern was the quality of phone calls (since this is a problem with The Dash) and the Bluetooth connection. Both seem to work very well with the Samsung Gear Icons when I tried them. Somehow the design is not as cool like the Bragi Dash’s but the functionality seems to be much better. You are restricted to android however.

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