The Hearable Universe 2017

UPDATE AVAILABLE! Click here to go to The Hearable Universe 2017 Mid Year Review What kind of hearables are there and which are actually available. The Hearable Universe 2017 Infographic gives you a quick overview covering all 36 smart hearing devices. To qualify as a smart hearing device, the device must offer computing functionalities like… Read More

Bragi - The Dash breathing battery status

So far, there are 10 smart audio devices available (The Dash, Gear Icon X, Moto Hint, Soundhawk, CS50, SMS, Jabra Sport Pulse,  iRiver On, Huawai Talkband and LG HRM). The end of 2016 will probably find some 5 more devices and also the launch of Apple’s AirPods (which do not qualify as a smart listening… Read More

Apple AirPods

What can they do? Hear music/sound and answer/make calls from iPhone 7 wirelessly with Bluetooth, Activate Siri. What do they cost? $159.00 How can I buy them? At the Apple Store and Apple retailers. Review Well, I probably will have to add the AirPods to the Hearable Universe 2016. I am hesitant however – do they qualify… Read More