The Hearable Universe 2017

UPDATE AVAILABLE! Click here to go to The Hearable Universe 2017 Mid Year Review What kind of hearables are there and which are actually available. The Hearable Universe 2017 Infographic gives you a quick overview covering all 36 smart hearing devices. To qualify as a smart hearing device, the device must offer computing functionalities like… Read More

Sound World Solutions CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifier

What can they do? Enhance listening experience of soft sounds and speech in noisy places, make phone calls, stream audio. What do they cost? $349.99 How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review The device is primarily meant for people who do not need a hearing aid, but find it hard to hear specific sounds… Read More

Samsung Gear Icon X

What can they do? Measure speed, distance, duration, heart rate, calories burnt, dedicated voice guide, sound/music, 4GB memory, Android app, Compatible only with devices that run Android 4.4 KitKat and above. What do they cost? $259.00 or less How can I buy them? Shop online –>   Review I had a chance to try them at IFA Consumer… Read More

  Most of today’s hearables fall in one of three classic categories: your ordinary earbuds for listening music and take phone calls, technically enhanced hearing aids and the new generation of heart rate monitors. Computing on your smart phone is a very new use for ear phones, which will open a range of new options on… Read More

The Hearable Universe 2016 700x700

Holly Gosford-Dunn on the Hearable Market, “Hearables, Hot Potatoes of the Ear” and “Hearing Economics” Hearablebug on Reddit is posting a nice collection of hearable reviews. Nick Hunn, “The Ear is the New Wrist” Nick Hunn, The Expanding Market for Hearable Devices Wesley Banks, Hearable Devices List… Read More