Bragi The Dash

What can it do?

Smart listening, mute surrounding noise, streaming music, stored music, wireless phone calls, track sports performance and get feedback.

What does it cost?


How can I buy it?

Online at the bragistore


I have had my Dash for 48 hours now: it’s a fascinating toy that seems to come from the future…

It fits amazingly stable in the ear, speaks to me with a sexy female voice (remember the movie “Her“?), answers to taps, holds and strokes, has a much criticised jittery Bluetooth connection and does not transmit my voice loud enough for telephone calls.

After you unpack The Dash, you need to charge it for some 90 Minutes. Once you plug them in, they wake up and start “breathing”, i.e. they show a warm, slowly blinking light. They are alive now!!!

You can use the charging time to download the Bragi app and read the instructions. Yes: RTFM – I haven’t read instructions for some time now. But to operate the Dash, you need to know 30 contextual touch commands. There is an easy to grasp system behind this, but you will still have to do your first steps to get behind it.

When the Dash are fully charged, you are ready to stick them into your ears and connect them. The earbuds start connecting to themselves, because they both have jobs assigned: the right one is for audio computing, the left is for computing the sensorial data like your heart rate. You can now use them on their own, listening to music you can store on them and tracking your running, cycling and swimming (yes, waterproof!).

But to get most out of your Dash, connect them with your smartphone via dedicated app. Tap and hold on the right Dash. You will hear some nice ambient sound suggesting that something important is happening. Then it says “Ok, my audio system is now visible”. You can now connect it in your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings.

Now tap and hold the left Dash, same sound appears, then the voice “Ok, my sensors and settings are now visible”. You can now connect it with the Bragi app.

Now you can go out running and streaming music from your phone. When a telephone call comes in, you simply nod with your head to accept it (or shake your head “no” to reject it).

Although they work really nice overall, there are some drawbacks. The Bluetooth connection works only very short range. It breaks up constantly, when you carry your phone in your left trouser pocket. But it worked fine, when I had my phone in the right pocket or even better in an arm sleeve on the right arm or in a right shirt pocket.

I could perfectly pick up calls by nodding, heard the caller nice and clearly, but they did not hear me so well.

On the other side, the connectivity worked really great. I listened to music, a call came in, the caller did not hear me well, I took the right Dash out of my ear and could instantly use my phone, because it obviously switched off the connection as soon as it missed my ear. Once, I was using the right Dash stand-alone, started to listen to music, put the left Dash into my ear and it instantly switched on and smoothly the music went from mono to stereo. Impressive.

And the nice thing is, that like with other contemporary hardware, Bragi is constantly updating the operating system. Mine is currently being updated after 24 hours that I have The Dash. OS2.0 is promising to include technology that makes your voice better heard in phone call.

The verdict:  a really nice toy, the first generation of smart hearables, there is way to go, but with the option to update the firmware online, the device will get better while you use it.

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How Bragi describes the Dash


Bragi – a Munich based technology company – crowdfunded the world’s first hearable development, the Dash. The Dash is a smart wearable system that is worn in your ears. The pair of truly wireless smart earphones allows you to listen to music, track your performance and communicate.
The Dash’s design and state of the art technology allows freedom of movement, great sound and maximum comfort – all while tracking movement, capturing biometric data and providing live acoustic feedback. Our user interface encompasses audio and voice feedback, body and motion gestures, a novel optical touch interface and biometric sensors. The Dash entertains, enables and protects you.

Bragi The Dash White

The outer surface of The Dash contains a high-resolution optical touch interface called EarTouch. All music, telephony and tracking functions are controlled with finger swipes and taps – even while swimming. Enhanced safety is delivered through Audio Transparency, increasing awareness of your surroundings. The sounds of oncoming cars, cyclists or peoples voices can be heard clearly while wearing The Dash.

The Dash comes with a portable Charger, providing up to 5 recharges on the go and acting as the connection hub for exchanging data between The Dash and your computer. It is also supported by a free app that reads the data from the device and makes it accessible for analysis.

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