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The Hearable Universe mid year 2017

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Well, some of the crowdfunded gadgets have been quietly made available… some others have been quiet for most of the last 6 months or more and some have completely disappeared quietly. Time to update the Hearable Universe to account for new availabilities and to weed out what will not become a reality:

New availabilities:

NuHeara IQbuds  – sound control earbuds

QuietOns – noise control earbuds

Kuaiwear Kuai Headphones – biometric sport headphones

Lumafit – interactive fitness coaching earpiece

LifeBEAM Vi – artificial intelligence training headphones

Halo Sport – neuropriming headphones

The Maven Co-Pilot is available, but not to the consumer… It sells directly to fleets and is used on highways.


Questionnable or disappeared:

If any of the mentioned companies has in fact updates and/or is still in business, please drop me a line and let me know, what is your actual situation, the availability of your products etc.

Human Inc.’s Sound has published the last press release in October 2016 and the last update on their Facebook page is also from that time.

Efit Aware’s website has disappeared and the domain is available.

Waverlylab’s latest press release is from February and their Facebook page shows only postings from indiegogo backers who cannot wait to get their Pilot. Will it ever arrive?

ProSounds H2P do not post any option to buy their product. Website, Facebook and Twitter Accounts do not make it possible to find out what’s going on.

BitBite’s last Facebook entry is from 2015, indiegogo does not offer a backing link. The website is online, but there is no hint of actual activity.

Parrot seems to focus on drones now. No information on the fate of their Parrot Zik Sport. Entering “sport” into their websites search field brings up all sorts of drones, but no audio device.

As mentioned above: the Maven Co-Pilot is available, but I am taking it off the list, because it is not available to consumers.

I also took Google Glass off the universe, because the future of spectacles as a smart hearing device is not clear.



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