After a few weeks of parallel use of the Apple Airpods and the Bragi Dash, I can say this: way to go! None of the devices offers a usability that makes them the default – the one that you prefer to use. They are simply offering different things. That may be great from a marketing product differentiation standpoint. But it’s frustrating from a user standpoint. In this post, I am comparing them with two more interesting devices: the HereOne by DopplerLabs and Sony’s new NC headphones.

Comparing The Dash by Bragi, HereOne by Doppler Labs, Apple's Airpods and Sony's MDR1000X

Comparing The Dash by Bragi, HereOne by Doppler Labs, Apple’s Airpods and Sony’s MDR1000X


Airpods: telephone calls, listen to music, hear ambient noise (traffic, etc.)

The Dash by Bragi: listen to music, passive noise cancelling

HereOne: fooling around with ambient noise

Sony: blocking the world out and connect instantly when needed


The Dash by Bragi are a great toy with the most features. Listen to music, make telephone calls, command Siri with a tap on your cheekbone (!!!), track your performance while running, cycling or swimming (!!!).

But: the microphone is not really capable of making you understood in a telephone conversation. The Bluetooth connection is jittery as soon as you put the phone into your pants. And you must like that feeling in your ear canal. That’s actually my biggest problem. I hear every footstep, my breathing and my voice is extremely loud as soon as the Dash is in my ears. Therefore, I am not using the Dash for performance tracking, because hearing every step during jogging for half an hour drives me nuts. The transparency feature is not good enough to hear the guys at the cash desk in the supermarket.

I use them mainly to have a passive noise cancelling device with me on the road.

The Airpods are great from a wearing perspective. I can even forget that they are in my ears. And the Bluetooth connection is great.

But: I miss the functionality of the Bragi. The Airpods cannot do anything. There is only one command – a double tap, which wakes Siri and you can tell her what to do (louder, lower, next song, and generally all Siri stuff).

The hereone did not yet arrive….

The Sony are just compared for their similarities. They are great noise cancelling headphones which come with touch features like the Bragi. The Bluetooth connection is as good as the Airpods’.

Comparing Bragi The Dash Apple Airpods Sony MDX1000R

Comparison: Bragi The Dash, Apple Airpods, Sony MDX1000R



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