Sorry, but I do not understand the hype! I have checked several reviews on Doppler’s Here Ones and I simply do not agree. They finally landed in my mail and I have been using them for a week now. Let me compare them to the other cool devices currently on the market. Please check Usability Part I for the review on Bragi Dash, Airpods and Sony MDX1000.

The Here Ones are hailed for delivering best audio that a wireless device can deliver. I am not an audiophile, so I could not hear any difference to the Bragi Dash. (I am not comparing them to Airpods (no seal) and the Sony MDX1000 (headphone with cups) – that would be unfair.)

Bluetooth is the same problem with the Bragi Dash – connectivity issues once your phone is in your pants on a street.

But now the core feature – equalizing what you hear.

Life filtering works with popular music but is terrible with classic music. Here, I can understand that it’s fun to equalize a life concert. Life filtering your environment is a funny play for a few minutes. Then, why would you make terrible noise even worse?

The preset filters work reasonably well, but the actual effect is almost the same as putting Bragi Dash in your ears and not play music. First, I was totally impressed when I reduced crowd noise by 22 dB. Then I realised that the effect is so impressive, because at 0 dB reduction, the noise is much worse than in reality, because it’s coming from the microphone.

And I missed the tapping/stroking commands that Sony and Bragi Dash are offering. Almost everything has to be done on your phone. Airpods also have only one tap command, but at least I can ask Siri to do all the things.

So, please excuse my verdict, but the Here Ones come in last when compared to these other devices. But as I said in Usability Part I “None of the devices offers a usability that makes them the default”. I still use the Airpods for being small and being able to hear the world while listening to music. I use Bragi Dash to block noise passively when hearing music while out of home. And I use the Sony to block everything when hearing music or when I want to take a nap undisturbed.

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